Tampons: Bleeding You Dry Aren’t They?


When actually weighing up the scenario of what would happen if you were to stop using tampons, it slowly dawns on you that there is no opting out of buying sanitary products that, unfairly, are really expensive.

A box of 20 Tampax costs £3.14 in Tesco, which is likely to last a girl no more than three or four days of each month, and when experiencing one of the most tedious – and sometimes unbearable – cramps of your life, the knowledge of this cost, when other somewhat ‘less necessary’ products are not taxed, only induces more pain.

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Lynda Benglis: ‘You cannot kill creativity’


She caught the art world’s attention by posing with nothing but a dildo – 40 years on, one of the most prolific feminist artists talks challenging ideas, money and male domination

With work from the Peacock series, India, 1979 Courtesy of the artist and Cheim & Read, New York

Feminist icon and art provocateur Lynda Benglis astounded the world when in 1974 she photographed herself in the raw for Centrefold in Artforum, wearing nothing but cateye sunglasses and clutching a dildo against her groin in a stand against male-domination in the art world. Somewhat prompting her significance, some of the editors quit the magazine in protest. Benglis, now 73-years old, prolific in name and revolutionary in nature, emerged as part of a new generation of artists fashioning original approaches to sculpture and painting in the wake of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism and Pop Art.

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Jessica Pratt: “I think you have to leave a little mystique.”


Officially stepping onto the music scene when White Fence’s Tim Presley formed Birth Records solely to release her songs, Jessica Pratt’s second album On Your Own Love Again is finally here. Although the first album was a collection of songs she’d recorded without much intention for people to hear, by 2012 Presley had Pratt’s self-titled debut on the shelves. Since then, Pratt moved from San Francisco, where she worked various customer service jobs, to LA. Embracing the hermit side of her personality, she confined herself at home with little distraction to write and record On Your Own Love Again, an album which feels much more warm and comfortable to Pratt: “It was the most time I’d ever allowed myself to work on one project and focus on it so it was all very new to me in some ways.”…

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Reworking the pin-up


Reappropriating found imagery and 1960s pin-up pictures, Eva Stenram explores the relationship between photography and dance

Score for a sequence of Poses Photography by Eva Stenram

Score for a sequence of Poses
Photography by Eva Stenram

When Swedish photographer Eva Stenram was approached by curator Jane Won to produce an exhibition for London’s Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, Won was quite clear that the purpose of the images would be to inspire the studio’s dancers. “I had never thought about my work in the context of contemporary dance before, but was intrigued by the invitation,” Stenram confesses. And she successfully fulfilled the request…

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Self portraiture, sex work and finding real beauty


A series of strikingly honest Polaroids capture a photographer’s interactions as a HIV+, queer male sex worker in America’s Midwest

ben f

I spoke to the wonderful Benjamin Fredrickson for Dazed & Confused.

For many years Benjamin Fredrickson has been documenting his life with photographs, but these are different to your general journal snaps or iPhone camera roll. As a former sex worker, Fredrickson has been capturing the interactions he has with sexual partners in his working and private life, as well as his community of gay men in the Midwest and New York. “I’m intrigued by the diversity in the nude male form and exploring intimacy and sexuality with an honest eye, without judgment,” the photographer says. Whilst the images can be brutally genuine, they are hauntingly unique and lay out the beauty in seeking out reality…

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Express yourself


Meet the photographer capturing the style of young believers at a Brixton mosque

toufic beyhum

How we express ourselves seems to be most crucial in our teens and early adult lives. Whether you wore patterned socks to school, or bought the latest handbag to show off in the canteen, the innate fight to display our style is alive and abundant no matter what walk of life you come from. When Toufic Beyhum isn’t busy teaching or taking the helm as a creative director, he’s taking photographs of people at the Brixton Masjid, a mosque with a high turn out of young people – and an obsession with new kicks…

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Westminster #PornProtest


I went to the Westminster #PornProtest a couple of weeks ago for Dazed.

On Friday, hundreds gathered to protest the recent amendments to the 2003 Communications Act banning sexual acts such as spanking, female ejaculation and face-sitting in UK online porn. The new regulations, which reflect the same rules governing the sale of DVDs in sex shops, were quietly put in place on December 2. But this didn’t stop everyone from finding out.

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“Squirt doesn’t hurt” Stephanie Wilson

Photography: Stephanie Wilson

The ‘Good Porn’ revolution XConfessions


Despite pornography possibly taking up some 37% of the internet’s pages, the variety of adult films on the web is not… varied. But gone are the restricted days of PVC-laden, semi-tacky adult entertainment for those who want something more creative with less bad acting.


(Image: XConfessions)

XConfessisions is pretty much the Ladies’ High Tea and Sex Society of the PostSecret world, a website where your confessions are made into films by Swedish erotic film director Erika Lust (yeah that’s actually her real name).


(Image: guilhemsenges.blogspot.com)

The public can post their ‘fantasies’ and two a month will be picked and made into real films by Erika. On why she decided to begin the project, she said she was tired of “the stereotypical porno-glam and porno-cheap imagery flooding the internet”. Agreed.

You can tell by the titles such as ‘A Weekend In The Garden of Eden’ (lolz) and ‘Romance Bullshit’ that unlike some films, there isn’t a mass of distasteful, misogynistic content. And you won’t need ‘Tittiecoins‘ to pay for it. You don’t even need to pay at all. You can watch two videos for free or sign up for monthly subscriptions which give you access to all films that you won’t feel weird about after watching. Heck you can even inspire a film to be made. Go make a confession.