Meet Charlie Craggs: The Activist Revolutionising Transphobia

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Every 29 hours a trans person is murdered. Only two weeks ago Mexican transgender escort Vanessa Santillan was tragically murdered by strangulation in a flat in Fulham. It’s estimated that from more than 1.6 million homeless youth, 20-40% are trans. What is even more worrying is 41% of trans people are reported to have attempted suicide according to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey – and some gut-wrenchingly succeed.

Because of rampant discrimination against transgender adults and youth, dealing with day-to-day life can be a struggle in itself, leading to many trans people experiencing unbearable insults, unfair treatment and, as we have seen, worse.

Nothing is solved without action, however, as Charlie Craggs, a trans activist will tell you. The creative director and self-proclaimed council-estate girl has seen her fair share of unlawful bullying and hate, but, under a firm assurance transphobia can be eradicated, through getting on with it and fighting for change.

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